Invited Speakers

The following is a list of confirmed speakers so far:
  • Anja Becker, "Solving shortest and closest vector problems: The decomposition approach"
  • Benjamin Smith, "Fast, uniform, and compact scalar multiplication for elliptic curves and genus 2 Jacobians with applications to signature schemes" and "μKummer: efficient hyperelliptic signatures and key exchange on microcontrollers"
  • Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, "Fast arithmetic on Hessian curves"
  • Emmanuel Fouotsa, "Faster Ate pairing computation on Selmer's model of elliptic curves"
  • Gora Adj, "Discrete logarithms in the cryptographically-interesting field GF(3^{6*509})"
  • Jens Groth, "On the Size of Pairing-based Non-interactive Arguments"
  • Maike Massierer, "Counting points on geometrically hyperelliptic curves of genus three"
  • Mehmet Sabır Kiraz, "Pairings and Cloud Security"
  • Pascal Sasdrich, "Implementing Curve25519 for Side-Channel--Protected Elliptic Curve Cryptography"
  • Razvan Barbulescu, "Extended Tower Number Field Sieve: A New Complexity for Medium Prime Case"
  • Ruben Niederhagen, "Faster discrete logarithms on FPGAs"
  • Sebastian Kochinke, "Computing discrete logarithms with special linear systems"
  • Shashank Singh, "A General Polynomial Selection Method and New Asymptotic Complexities for the Tower Number Field Sieve Algorithm"
  • Shoukat Ali, "A new algorithm for residue multiplication modulo $2^{521}-1$"
  • Tung Chou, "The Simplest Protocol for Oblivious Transfer" and "Sandy2x: new Curve25519 speed records"